The Battle Tower is a special PVE area with 100 floors and Battlers can challenge the levels from 1 to 100 in order to earn the Shards of sometimes rare and unique Spheres and eventually summon them. The Battle Tower resets at 8am GMT+8 daily.

Battle Tower GuidelinesEdit

1. Each Sphere brought into the Battle Tower suffers from fatigue (FATG) after battle.
2. Fatigued Spheres cannot enter the tower again for the day.
3. Enemies do not reset their HP when you lose the stage.
4. After clearing a stage, you can open 1 of 3 treasure chests on that stage for free.
5. One of the treasure chests on every stage contains a reward from the Rare Reward Pool.

Battle Tower TipsEdit

1. You can bring up to 4 Spheres, which means that for the lower levels you can bring less than 4 Spheres if your Spheres are strong enough.
2. Each Sphere may only enter the Battle Tower once due to fatigue. However, Spheres can be relieved of their fatigue by spending 5 Gems.

Battle Tower RewardsEdit

One treasure chest in each level of the Battle Tower will always contain a shard from the Rare Reward Pool. Battlers can open a treasure chest as their prize for defeating a level and opening each subsequent Treasure Chest will cost 5 Gems.

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