Gems are the premium currency of Battle Spheres. They are essential to progressing in the game, as they are needed for a chance to obtain the most powerful monsters or to expand monster storage capacity. They can be bought for real money or slowly obtained through regular gameplay.

Uses for GemsEdit

If you die in a dungeon, you can spend 10 Gems to revive all your team with full HP.
Recover Stamina
For 10 Gems, you can fully restore your stamina.
Expand Inventory
You can spend 10 Gems for five additional slots in your inventory, which allows you store five more Battle Spheres. This is essential as you progress in the game.
Premium Summons
You can spend 50 Gems on one Premium Summon for a chance to receive various rare Battle Spheres. For more details, see Premium Summons.

How to get GemsEdit

New Player Gift
You will be gifted 20 Gems in the Mail upon finishing the tutorial.
Clearing chapters
You obtain 10 Gems for clearing a chapter for the first time.
Random Loot
All monsters you defeat have a small chance of dropping 1-3 Gems.
You can obtain Gems from the game during special events or as a log-in bonus.
Daily Quests and Achievements
You can obtain Gems and other rewards by clearing the daily quests and achievements.
At times, players may receive a compensation for bugs in the game in the form of Gems.
In-app purchases (IAP)
Finally, Magic Stones can be bought for real money, as detailed below.

Advice for non-IAP playersEdit

In the early game, since Gems come so easily through clearing dungeons, it's fine to do the Premium Summons a few times to get powerful Battle Spheres for your team.

Once you have a solid team, spend Gems as needed to expand your Inventory to store evolution and fusion materials.

You can spend Gems to recover stamina once your level is high enough that it's not practical to wait or level up to refill it. Non-IAP players are advised to only do this for certain urgent Dungeons and only if they have enough stamina to make it worthwhile.

Buying GemsEdit

Gems can be bought for the following prices as in-app purchases.

Product Price Cost per 10 Gems
20 Gems $1.99 $0.99
60 Gems $4.99 $0.83
130 Gems $9.99 $0.77
280 Gems $19.99 $0.71
750 Gems $49.99 $0.67
1600 Gems $99.99 $0.62
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