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As you continue through the lands of Spherea, you will be able to collect Battle Spheres, by defeating and capturing them, or by summoning them.

Battle Spheres are the manifestation of the different magical creatures that reside within Spherea. They will be your comrades in your adventures across Spherea.

View UnitsEdit

This interface shows all of the units you currently own. There are several filters that can be used to sort the unit view by tapping the "Sort" button

  • Element – Sort units by Elemental property. Useful when forming a squad to quest in specific areas.
  • Lvl – Sort units by Level. Higher level units will appear at the top.
  • HP – Sort units by HP. Search for units that can absorb more damage.
  • Attack – Sort units by Attack. Look for your biggest cannons.
  • Defense – Sort units by Defense. Find your toughest units.
  • Speed – Sort units by Speed. Find your fastest units.
  • Recovery – Sort units by Recovery. Find units that restore HP quickly.
  • Rare – Sort units by Rarity. Higher rarity units will appear at the top.
  • Time – Sort units by when they were acquired. Newer units appear on top.
  • Cost – Sort units by deployment cost. Just in case you need to find a unit to squeeze into a Squad.

The filters will always sort in descending order.

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